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Crispin BillsonWho?

Crispin Billson is an independent IT consultant based in the UK offering a wide range of expertise to help you reduce the running costs of your business.


You undoubtedly have a clear idea of those activities that cost your business the most. What is not so clear is which of these activities can be streamlined through a combination of process improvement and effective systems automation.

It is a little known fact that the majority of modern computing platforms - and this means equipment that you already own - ship with the capability to host extremely efficient custom solutions. Custom solutions that meet the real needs of your business, rather than relying on the "one size fits all" software packages that rarely offer satisfying customer service.

Do you have time to read the manual only to discover that "they" haven't thought of your needs?
Do premium support packages offer the value that you expect?

Off-the-shelf packages often cause you more frustration than they're worth.


Things have changed in IT.
Businesses quite rightly expect a better deal in these days of ever tighter operating margins.

Technologies and methodologies have evolved in tandem to facilitate smooth, effective solutions that are no longer the sole preserve of big budget enterprises.

Are your systems saving you money?  They should.

Crispin Billson can help you engage with the power of your systems.

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